We focus on running profitable Facebook ads.

Starting Facebook and Instagram ads is a simple process, but ensuring they become genuinely profitable is a demanding endeavor.

Our entrepreneurial DNA has guided numerous DTC brands in discovering the winning formula, blending an effective campaign structure with compelling ad creatives.

The steps we follow

Business Evaluation, going beyond the standard ads manager assessment

Many agencies prioritize initiating client spending right away, but at 1 ECOM agency, we take a different approach. We recognize that for our team to excel, our clients must excel first. This is why we embark on a comprehensive exploration of your business before launching any ad campaigns. Understanding your product represents our primary initial step. Regardless of your industry, we need to understand why prospects should care about your product and what you have to offer. We also scrutinize your business metrics to gain insight into your profit margins, objectives, revenue targets, and the profitability necessary for ongoing business reinvestment. Once we’ve accumulated sufficient data, we delve into your target audience and your current ad copy and creative positioning to uncover quick-win opportunities, marking the inception of our major endeavor.

Creative audit and UGC sourcing

It’s likely your brand has (at least some) assets that we can repurpose into more effective ads with impactful copy.
What you likely won’t have is the right User Generated Content (UGC).
UGC was once an asset category that was nice to have, it’s now a full on necessity. So much so that a percent of your media spend should be allocated to ongoing UGC creation. We work with hundreds of experienced content creators that provide converting UGCs. Not only does that ad type engage prospects better, it improves your CTR on ads, reduces ad cost and most importantly lowers your CPA.
So one big step we will take together is activating our team of content creators, write winning scripts and impactful hooks, and deliver high performing ads. Remember, you’re just one ad away from everything clicking into place. Trust us, we’ve seen it happen time and time again.
One of our fashion brand embraced a regular cadence of UGC generation in 2022 which created stability in nCPA that allowed us to scale their revenue from $4M/year to $6M/year. If you’re not doing this correctly this year, you are wasting ad dollars and/or leaving money on the table.
Unless your content bank is full of perfect assets, we’ll likely begin by focusing on generating ongoing UGC (short form video ads) to create that winning ad that transforms your efficiencies. We’ll activate our team of content creators, write winning scripts and impactful hooks, and deliver high performing ads. Remember, you’re just one ad away from everything clicking into place. Trust us, we’ve seen it happen time and time again.

The role of ad destination URLs and the value of landing pages

Exerting control over the entire advertising environment remains as critical as ever. This brings us to an aspect that is often underestimated by direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands: the power of a high-converting landing page. In our audits, we’ve observed that many brands still direct their ads to either their homepage or a product page. While this approach may yield some conversions, it pales in comparison to the effectiveness of a purpose-built landing page that not only introduces new customers to your offerings but also elucidates why they should be enthusiastic about what you’re selling. The objective here is to streamline the conversion journey; directing visitors to search for relevant information on your website often results in confusion and overlooked opportunities.

Effective campaign structure configuration

In 80% of our evaluations, we come across ad account structures that are either outdated or haphazardly constructed. These suboptimal configurations not only lead to considerable ad budget drain but also falsely perpetuate the notion that ‘Facebook is ineffective.’ Let’s be frank—it has become more challenging, but with the right team in your corner, success remains within reach. It’s highly probable that our next course of action will entail a comprehensive campaign reconstruction. In today’s digital landscape, the most efficient strategy involves adopting a streamlined and consolidated campaign framework. Given that Facebook’s ad delivery performs at its best post-learning phase, we strive to maintain a manageable number of simultaneous campaigns. Yet another pivotal step entails the implementation of precise audience exclusions, encouraging Facebook to exert more effort in attracting new customers.

We monitor the important metrics

We pay attention to key metrics like nCPA, LTV/nCPA, MER, and new customer revenue. When it comes to generating revenue from returning customers, we rely on effective email setups to do the heavy lifting. This approach allows us to have more advertising funds available for acquiring new customers, which are vital for your business’s growth. We keep a close eye on your ad account, regularly monitoring metrics such as CTR, CPM, and CPAs to spot opportunities for scaling or creating additional ad content.

Delivering impactful results

Delivering Impactful Results to Your Business’s Bottom Line Our role extends beyond managing your Facebook ads. If your profits and growth aren’t meeting your goals, we’re willing to pause ads and reevaluate our strategy. We’re truly passionate about business data. While many agencies may not prioritize metrics like profits, net margins, cash turnover, and COGS, we make it our mission to enhance these metrics because we believe it’s the key to a long-lasting partnership with you. Another thing we’re deeply committed to? Transforming businesses into thriving powerhouses. This is what distinguishes us from other agencies you may have worked with previously. We’re not just media buyers; we’re problem solvers. If there are areas in your business that could perform better, we’ll identify them and work alongside you to bring about improvements.

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