Facebook Ads

In a constantly evolving Facebook Ad buying landscape that demands daily fine-tuning, having the right team to strategize and manage your campaigns is crucial. 1 ECOM agency, as your trusted eCommerce agency, possesses the latest industry insights and the dedicated support needed to ensure your ad investments are utilized effectively. With our team’s experience in overseeing huge amounts in Facebook spending across various eCommerce sectors, you can trust us to optimize your ad spend with precision.

Google Ads

Google remains unparalleled in offering a suite of platforms and tools that simplify the management of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Within the Google Ads framework, you can effortlessly reach out to new customers, re-engage users in the early stages of interest, and connect with highly motivated buyers. With expertise spanning Google Search, Shopping, Display, Gmail ads, and more, the 1 ECOM agency team is well-equipped to harness the full potential of the Google environment, ensuring your digital marketing efforts yield maximum results.

TikTok Ads

In light of TikTok’s remarkable rise as the internet’s most frequented website in 2021, our adept media buying team stands ready to guide you in deploying the optimal blend of UGC ads and a finely tuned funnel structure, harnessing the potential of one of the most cost-efficient traffic sources within the realm of paid social media.

YouTube Ads

In the realm of digital marketing, YouTube has emerged as an exciting frontier, thanks to the advent of powerful tools like advanced audience targeting, cross-targeting for display and video, and innovative features like video sequencing. At 1 ECOM agency, we harness the potential of machine learning and data aggregation tools to handle substantial budgets seamlessly. Our approach combines the strengths of YouTube with other digital channels, culminating in a strategy that maximizes performance.

Ad Creative

Looking beyond targeting and campaign structure, the creative component remains one of the most frequently overlooked factors in the success of a Facebook campaign. The time spent on formulating the right message and deploying impactful creative is the pivotal element that can influence your traffic costs (even though Facebook charges based on CPM, the Click-Through Rate can be enhanced with remarkable creative). Let us be the storytellers who transform your brand narrative into potent digital ads that resonate with your audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing should play a pivotal role in generating nearly 50% of your eCommerce revenue. If it falls short of this mark, you might be missing out on potential revenue streams. 1 ECOM agency’s email marketing expertise is here to elevate your revenue by crafting impactful campaigns, setting up automated email flows, refining audience segmentation, and closely monitoring deliverability rates. Sustaining a healthy email marketing ecosystem goes beyond merely sending visually appealing content to your email list; it encompasses addressing a range of technical intricacies. 1 ECOM agency is well-equipped to handle these complexities, maximizing the impact of your email marketing efforts and enhancing revenue generation. Notably, we possess proficiency in various ESPs such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, and many others.


Traffic originating from search engines like Google and Bing tends to exhibit high conversion rates. Search engines have a penchant for favoring websites that prioritize quality content over those that don’t. 1 ECOM agency’s SEO teams are dedicated to delivering quality, which, in turn, translates into exceptionally targeted organic traffic.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest has emerged as one of the most rapidly expanding advertising platforms. Frequently underestimated within a company’s media repertoire, Pinterest ads grant us the ability to target users actively seeking pertinent solutions and inspiration. Presently, the traffic cost follows a CPM model and is notably undervalued, rendering Pinterest an attractive alternative to Facebook and Google. Depending on your business, Pinterest can serve as a valuable third channel for both prospecting and retargeting, particularly if your primary audience is women.

Brand Book

Achieving and preserving consistency in your brand’s tone of voice and visual identity is a fundamental aspect of the ecommerce marketing arena. That’s precisely where we step in: We have the capability to craft a comprehensive style guide that showcases and enhances your brand’s visual elements. This guide plays a vital role in fostering uniformity across the digital landscape, encompassing platforms like social media, your website, and email communications. Such consistency is paramount for upholding your brand’s integrity across all channels, consolidating your guidelines in one accessible repository, and facilitating the creation of top-quality assets. Count on our expert team to ensure that your brand book or style guide accurately captures the uniqueness and standards of your brand.

User Generated Content

One of the freshest frontiers within ecommerce marketing, and undeniably one of the most lucrative, revolves around User-Generated Content (UGC). In today’s digital sphere, platforms like Facebook and TikTok heavily lean on the potency of viral UGC ads. With user-generated content, potential customers are treated to the authentic sight of real individuals—perhaps individuals they already follow—engaging with and delighting in your product. These individuals passionately endorse your product in engaging videos, a phenomenon that substantially boosts your Click-Through Rate (CTR) and ultimately drives higher profits.


When your ecommerce store isn’t delivering the desired conversion rates, we step in to bridge that gap and drive better outcomes. Unlock additional value from your existing audience by harnessing the power of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), resulting in substantial increases in conversion percentages. Our creative team thrives on ideation, constantly exploring new elements to integrate into your strategy with the sole aim of elevating your conversion rates. Through CRO, we not only enhance your conversions but also pave the way for increased profits.

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