Step 1. Could Google be a Fit for Your Brand?

When it comes to Google’s online advertising platform, we often look for two things in the brands we work with.

1. Is your business a niche business that has a
substantial amount of search volume?

2. Is your product unique with a clear differentiator among your competitors? As an example, this could be as fundamental as a pair of shoes—yet one with a rare color combination that sets it apart from the competition

Businesses that fit this mold are in the perfect position for us to quickly dominate the search marketplace.

Ad Destination URL and the importance of Landing Pages

Controlling the full ad environment is as important as ever. Which leads us to another area that remains often overlooked by DTC brands: a converting landing page.
Most brands we audit still run their ads to their homepage or a product page. While this will lead to some conversions, it will not convert as well as a landing page that educates new customers on what you do and why they should care about what you are selling. Your goal is to shorten the conversion journey and sending visitors to find all the relevant information on your website leads to confusion and oversight.
Moving to landing pages for several of our clients has helped lower their CPA by 20-50%. Couple this with impactful UGC content and you are off to the races.

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